Thank You for Your Donation!

Thank You for your Support!

As you know Turtles are in Trouble!

As one of the oldest inhabitants on this earth, they are also the  most endangered group of tetrapods, followed closely by the great apes, on our planet.  Turtles around the globe have been eaten and exploited to the brink of extinction.

Our Native Eastern Box Turtles have been struggling with habitat loss due to the continued sprawl of human activity, and as one of the most unique and beautiful turtles on the planet they are now being poached to supply Asian markets where they can be sold for thousands of dollars.

11 X 14 giclee print on stretched canvas $150.00

Your Donation helps us bring awareness to the plight of our Eastern Box turtles, and to provide sanctuary for  Box turtles that are no longer able to live in the wild. With your help, the Eastern Box Turtle will persevere for generations to come and continue to be a source of amazement for children of all ages.

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