Educational Programs


Educational Programs

  • Book Yours from late spring through the early fall months when the turtles are active. 
  • Educational presentations are available to clubs, organizations and any youth or adult group desiring to learn more about the Eastern Box Turtle, and what they can do to help them survive.
  • Our Educational Presentations are hands on and  include Box Turtles,  with special guest appearances of other turtles.
  • Presentations are built to suit your needs and can be adjusted to run from 30 to 90 minutes.(45-60 minutes is ideal)  
  • The turtles that are used in the programs are former pets that are unable to be released back into the wild.

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Educational Programs are still available for 2018
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Turtle Parties are a great Educational Ohh and Ahhh Moment for Kids of All Ages!
As an Advocate for Turtles, Educational programs are created around their schedule..
Programs are limited!
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*NEW for 2018
Turtles from around the World!
Meet Sully!

Learn about turtles and their Habitats!
How their shell can help you tell where they live and what they eat!

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